Matthew Nied, B.Comm., LL.B, is a Vancouver lawyer practicing business litigation and dispute resolution. He assists clients on a broad range of corporate and commercial matters and has experience in several areas, including insolvency, securities regulatory matters, shareholder disputes, professional negligence, product liability, employment law, class actions and defamation. He has appeared before the Supreme Court of British Columbia, the Provincial Court of British Columbia, and the British Columbia Securities Commission.

He is a member of the Law Society of British Columbia, the Canadian Bar Association, the Vancouver Bar Association, and the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia.

He also sits on the Board of Directors of the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau, a charitable organization that assists low-income families during the holiday season. He also previously sat on the executive of the Civil Litigation section and the Legislation & Law Reform Committee of the Canadian Bar Association (British Columbia Branch).

Matthew regularly publishes articles identifying legal developments and their implications for industry stakeholders.

Before commencing practice, Matthew clerked for the judges of the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

The views expressed here are his personal opinions and not those of his employer.

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Other Publications:

Matthew Nied (co-author), “Gambling on Specific Performance and Mitigation in Real Estate Investment Cases: The Implications of Southcott Estates Inc. v. Toronto Catholic District School Board” (2014) Annual Review of Civil Litigation [forthcoming].

Matthew Nied (co-author), “The Ghosts of Fundamental Breach: New Developments in the Enforceability of Contractual Limitations of Liability Since Tercon” (2014) 72:5 The Advocate (Magazine of the Vancouver Bar Association) 665.

Matthew Nied (co-author), “Clicking Away Privacy: Email and the Tort of Intrusion Upon Seclusion” (2014) 17:9 Journal of Internet Law 3.

Matthew Nied (co-author), “Mason Capital Succeeds: Appeal Court Confirms CDS’s Ability to Requisition Meeting By ‘Empty Voter’” (2012) 7:4 Corporate Governance Report 41.

Matthew Nied, “I Browse Therefore I Accept: Recent Developments in the Enforceability of Website Terms of Use Agreements” (2012) 1:1 Commercial Litigation and Arbitration Review 11.

Matthew Nied, “Preventing Spoliation of Social Networking Profile Evidence in Insurance Litigation” (2011) 29:6 Canadian Journal of Insurance Law 81.

Matthew Nied, “The Internet, Cloud Computing, and the Charter Right to Privacy: The Effect of Terms of Service Agreements on Reasonable Expectations of Privacy” (2011) 69:5 The Advocate (Magazine of the Vancouver Bar Association) 701. Also published in (2011) 12:5 Internet and E-Commerce Law in Canada 40.

Matthew Nied, “Crookes v. Newton: Hyperlinking, Defamation Law, and Freedom of Expression on the Internet” (2012) 1:2 Commercial Litigation and Arbitration Review 27Also published in The Court (Osgoode Hall Law School) (October 2011).

Matthew Nied, “Breeden v. Black and Éditions Écosociété v. Banro: Exercising Jurisdiction in Multijurisdictional Defamation CasesThe Court (Osgoode Hall Law School) (April 2012).

Matthew Nied, “Unmasking Anonymous Defendants in Internet Defamation Cases: Recent Developments and Unresolved Issues” (2011) 8:3 Canadian Privacy Law Review 31.

Matthew Nied, “Retracting Libel Lost in Cyberspace: Implications for the New Defence of Responsible Communication” (2011) 12:2 Internet and E-Commerce Law in Canada 12.

Matthew Nied, “Damage Awards in Internet Defamation Cases: Reassessing Assumptions About the Credibility of Online Speech” Alberta Law Review – Online Supplement (October 2010) [cited by the Supreme Court of British Columbia in Wilson v. Switlo, 2011 BCSC 1287 at para. 505].


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